About Michael Koffler

michael-kofflerThe proprietor of K3 Learning, Inc., Michael Koffler creates educational programs for preschool, nursery school, and elementary school pupils. With a focus on behavioral sciences and special education, Koffler has grown his New York City-based organization substantially since its inception in 1985. K3 Learning ran multiple mainstream and alternative schools across the country, prior to recent divestitures. Two of its most notable endeavors, Sunshine Schools and REBA Schools, provide youths with special needs with educational and therapeutic opportunities tailored to their level of development. Additionally, Michael Koffler recently announced K3 Learning’s newest program, Explore + Discover, which will provide youths between three months and two years and their families with an evidence-based curriculum, highlighting art, music, science, and language.

Over the past three decades, Koffler has garnered recognition for his achievements. The recipient of a 2001 Fleet Small Business Leadership Award, he also served as a trustee of St. Francis College in Brooklyn, and presently serves as the chair of the Big Apple Chapter of the World Presidents Organization. He had been Chairman and a board member with the Metro New York Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization. In 2005, he further contributed to the profession by establishing the Michael C. Koffler Endowed Professorship in Autism at Pace University’s School of Education, a position held by Dr. Dianne Zager since its creation.


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