Emerging Trends in Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education
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Education professional Michael Koffler serves as the chairman and CEO of K3 Learning, Inc. The preschools, childcare, and other educational facilities developed and managed by Michael Koffler over the years have served thousands of children and utilized the latest advancements available in early childhood education (ECE). Michael Koffler’s firm, its executives and colleagues, have devoted a lifetime to helping develop and implement interventions and programming with highly technologically influenced theories and practices. Emerging trends in ECE include:

1. College educated providers. Increasingly, daycare and preschool facilities are showing preference to applicants with bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education or related fields.

2. Increased assessment aimed at reducing the achievement gap. Early assessment of preschool-aged children can help educators identify learning needs early. This is critical to successful education and reducing the achievement gap, especially for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Parents can then be made aware of their children’s learning styles, as well as their individual needs, earlier.

3. Technology in the classroom. Even if students in preschool and daycare only learn how to use a mouse to navigate an online game, these first lessons can serve as a solid foundation for mastering basic technological skills in the future.

4. Michael Koffler is the recognized leader in the U.S. as a founder, developer, creator and manger of some of the most well thought through school settings. There are few others, in the U.S. and internationally with the skill, experience drive and creativity to achieve the levels of success and differentiation, than Koffler