A Calming, Explorative Routine at Explore + Discover


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Explore + Discover
Image: explorediscover.net

Based in New York, Michael Koffler is a respected entrepreneur focused on building success-driven enterprises within the educational sphere. Michael Koffler has built up the private school network Explore + Discover, an early learning center which offers babies and toddlers a creative environment for learning, and creates a school environment teaching children concepts and building blocks of learning.

The school’s daily routines emphasize individual attention and provide children with skill-building activities that include self-soothing, communicating needs, and developing empathy and confidence. Daily explorations involve playing music and engaging with sensory materials that include light, sand, and water. Students perform movement activities and also take part in language-rich experiences involving songs and books. Children also have the opportunity to interact with the natural world within an outdoor private playground setting.

At the core of every activity throughout the day is the fostering of a calm, predictable sense of order. Getting ample rest is an integral part of this approach, and napping plans are individualized to students’ needs. Younger students are encouraged to nap whenever they want, while toddlers take a nap each day. The funny thing about napping, is that doctors feel, its the one thing that adults exclude from their days, which should be added back in!