Explore + Discover’s Safe, Well-Designed Young Learning Environment

Explore + Discover private school


Michael Koffler is a New York-based educational entrepreneur who has guided a number of success-driven companies. He is currently working to develop the Explore + Discover private school network for babies and toddlers. Michael Koffler emphasizes a creative environment that immerses young learners in new experiences, including contacts with nature, music, and familiar caretakers.

The center has been designed in collaboration with architects and educators in ways that facilitate creative learning. In addition to eight classrooms, the school features a community gathering space and a private outdoor play area. Other shared spaces include an art studio and a library.

Safety and security goes hand in hand with a comfortable learning experience and school buildings feature a monitored environment that includes an electronic access system to allow teachers, parents, nannies, and administrators access. Other visitors are let in through a buzzer, and during pick up and drop off times administrators greet visitors to ensure a seamless transfer.